Satisfying the investment principles

The Trustee has identified legal financing schemes as a potential alternative investment that satisfies the investment principles.

The UK legal system is an established market place from which many other legal systems around the world take their lead.  The demand for funding in legal markets is growing and is unaffected by the core financial markets. 

The UK Legal market is highly regulated making it very attractive from a risk management perspective.  Investments can be made in the form of fixed loan agreements where investment returns are written into the agreements and are not subject to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, bank interest rates or stock market valuations. 

The Scheme will seek to invest a proportion of the available funds in alternative investment schemes, products and/or funds. The alternative investments we choose to invest in will be managed by appropriately experienced and regulated companies. The intention will be to gain access to potentially higher returning investment opportunities to increase the value of the investment pot and to provide Members with a more diversified portfolio of investments. The scheme aims to achieve on average an annualised return for its membership of 5% after running costs, fees and expenses.

Investment Selection

Alternative investments will meet the majority, or all, of the scheme investment principles before being considered as an addition to the investment portfolio. Our investment committee are always reviewing new investment opportunities to determine if they are in the best interests of our investors by bench-marking the opportunity against our investment principles. The investment committee is formed with representatives from the different professionals in the team (About Us) and leading industry experts selected from the fields we are reviewing investment opportunities from.

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