Providing an alternative pension provision

The Audax Pension Scheme was primarily developed for the Staff of Refined By Ltd as the pension solution in light of the requirement to have a scheme under the new rules (Auto Enrolment). Refined By wanted to provide its staff with a balanced investment strategy, where the majority of funds are invested in listed investment schemes or products. The remainder of funds are invested in alternative investment schemes and products, to provide diversification and access to higher returning investment opportunities.

The scheme aims to achieve on average an annualised return for its membership of 5% after running costs, fees and expenses.

The Scheme is now closed to new members.  Existing members with questions should use the contact form on this site

The Audax Pension is an occupational Pension Scheme sponsored by Refined By Limited and registered with HMRC and the Pensions Regulator. The Audax Pension Scheme was designed and registered post the new regulations and guidance being implemented and satisfies the new rules.

The Audax Pension is run by Audax Management Limited ("The Trustee") who is responsible for the compliant and secure running of the scheme and your fund.

The recent changes to the Pension market have led to a whole range of new options being available to both businesses and Individuals. Whilst most are genuine, there are people who have decided to use the uncertainty to take advantage by playing on people’s fears by insinuating unqualified concerns and transferring to an unsuitable and sometimes unlawful scheme.

We fully understand the need for full due diligence and we welcome any questions you or your financial advisor may have. To ask any questions and to complete your due diligence on the Audax scheme please contact us. We will provide you the factual answers to your questions.